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The RCN is committed to lifelong learning and the development of our members.


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CPD and Lifelong Learning

This joint CPD and Lifelong Learning position statement outlines a set of principles for all health care professionals. The Principles are designed to guide individuals, employers and wider systems to create a culture of continuous improvement and workforce development for the benefit of service users.

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Learning resources for HCAs, APs and TNAs

Health care assistants (HCAs) and assistant practitioners (APs) are hugely valued members of the RCN and the nursing team.


Find all the support you need throughout your studies and beyond, so you can focus on becoming the best nursing professional you can be.


Credentialing recognises the skill of an individual nurse to practice at an advanced level. It supports you to continue your personal and professional development and enhance your career prospects


As a registered nurse or midwife you must revalidate every three years to continue practising.



Accreditation is the RCN seal of approval for health care training. Browse accredited events, resources and courses, or find out how to get accredited here.


An official transcript is a statement of your academic performance and progress on your programme of study through the RCN. You can request a copy of your transcript via our online form.