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Bullying, harassment and stress

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Bullying at work can take many different forms.  Whether obvious or insidious, bullying at work can take a heavy toll on your work and home life. Our advice can help you get back control.

Bullied at work

You may ask yourself whether what you are going through is bullying or harassment.

Before considering making a formal complaint, try talking informally to the person who is causing you the problem. There is every chance they will not have realised how their behaviour is making you feel.

Read our bullying advice and your employer's bullying and harassment policy.

It is so important to keep a diary of each incident. See our example bullying diary here.

Accused of bullying

Being accused of bullying can be as stressful as being bullied.

If a co-worker speaks to you informally to discuss your behaviour towards them, take time to listen to what they say to you. Make every effort to resolve the issue informally at this early stage.

If your employer informs you that you have been accused of bullying, your employer should treat you, and your accuser, fairly, and offer you both support.

If you are being investigated or you are asked to write a statement, call us on 0345 772 6100 from 8.30am to 8.30pm, 7 days a week.

Work-related stress

You may feel very anxious about facing the person, or people, causing you the problem. The stress may be enough to make you feel you cannot attend work. 

Read about your employer's duty of care - remember they have a duty of care for your health and safety.   

Our Counselling service can help you manage your workplace difficulties. Call us on 0345 772 6100 to make an appointment.   

Read our sickness advice to understand what you and your employer should do if you are off sick.