Start planning now for a long and enjoyable retirement.

As a member of the nursing workforce, you can save for your retirement through a pension scheme. Find out about the options available and the pensions advice available to RCN members.

As life expectancy increases and pension arrangements and values change, it is more important than ever to make sure you plan for your retirement. Depending on where you work, different pension options are available to help you save.

The NHS Pension Scheme

The NHS Pension Scheme is the occupational pension scheme for employees working for the NHS or for an organisation providing NHS services.

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) website has information on the NHS Pension Scheme for members in Wales and England.

If you are a member of the scheme in Northern Ireland, see the HSC Pension Service website for more information. If you are a member of the scheme in Scotland, see the Scottish Public Pensions Agency website for more information.

Other workplace or occupational pensions

If you are working in the independent sector you may have the option to pay into a pension scheme arranged by your employer that both you and your employer make contributions into.

Many occupational pension schemes make provision for employees who have to leave work early due to redundancy or ill health and also pay life assurance benefits. Your employer should be able to provide specific guidance on the benefits available.

Visit for more information on workplace and personal pensions. For more information on your specific occupational pension, speak to your employer's payroll or human resources department.

Equalisation of state pension age

A briefing paper is available to outline the current issues in respect of the equalisation of the state pension age between men and women.  This includes details of a campaign led by the Women Against State Pension Increases (WASPI) and associated activities.

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