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Nursing in justice and forensic health care

Nursing in prisons, police custody, immigration centres and other secure care settings

Nursing roles in forensic and justice services

Find out more about the different roles and expertise within criminal justice sector nursing.

Practice guidance and resources for nursing staff working in a justice and forensic setting. In this section you can also find out about the different types of secure justice service nursing roles.

Nursing Standard ‘Nurse of the year’ past award winner –‘Nursing in a prison’ video

Prison spice epidemic putting nursing staff at risk

Following pressure from the RCN, the prison service will review guidance to better protect nursing staff from exposure to psychoactive substances.The decision to update the guidance comes after RCN members reported suffering from the effects of inhaling spice and other psychoactive substances.

At a meeting with the RCN, Michael Spurr, Chief Executive Officer of HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), agreed to work with the College to update guidance so it reflects the reality of clinical staff dealing with unpredictable and dangerous psychoactive substances. Find out more: